Selahattin Okumuş, the Founding President of our company, studied mechanical engineering in the 1970. At that time, he realized the importance of the protection of the environment, conscious that the ecology was in danger due to the great troubles that appeared together with the emigration and industrialization of the City of Bursa in Turkey. However, there was no faculty for Environmentall Engineering at that time. It was a science taught in Phd only.

In 1981, Mr. Okumus decided to establish an Engineering Company in order to work for the environment. His wife, Mrs. Yuksel Okumus, supported him in this achievement.

This couple has been managing the company with great success since 32 years. This determined and self-sacrificing process started with OKSAN Engineering Company, which changed its institutional identity in 1985 and became ÇEVTAŞ ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY CO.INC..

ÇEVTAŞ ÇEVRE TEKNOLOJİSİ A.Ş. is the first Turkish Company who really carried on this mission of protection of the environment. They have exposed their vision during all these years using technology protecting the environment. They are the first one to have us the term of “environmental technology”.
ÇEVTAŞ carries on PROCESS DESIGN, APPLICATION PROJECTS, ELECTRO-MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT PRODUCTS, ERECTION, CONSTRUCTION and OPERATION in turn-key basis as an expert company and are CONTRACTORS in the fields linked to Environmental Technologies of Urban WasteWater Treatment Plants, Drinking Water Treatment Plants, Process Water Treatment Plants, Swimming Pools, Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants, Flugas Purification Plants, Pumping Stations, Sea Outfall Plants, Water Supply and Sewerage Substructure Plants, Solid Waste Eliminating Plants and Renewable Energy Plants. The company has more than 150 references successfully completed both in Turkey and abroad.

In 2003, our company was founded as ÇEVTAŞ HOLDING A.Ş.. We are specializing in 5 specific areas listed below, as the department of directorships of the organisation of ÇEVTAŞ Çevre Teknolojisi A.Ş.

Our goal is also to become established as a Pioneer and Reliable Mark between the global competitives as the management of ÇEVTAŞ HOLDING A.Ş. that will be dynamics and more open to the international collaborations and competition; to develop and complete our institutional configuration as classified separate companies for each of our departments: Environmental Technologies, Construction, Equipment Products, Operation Services and Alternative&Renewable Energy.