President’s Message

From the beginning, our company is going forward thanks to its right vision, its self-sacrificing and its determination.

We chose to apply a strategy suitable to the requirements of the age of knowledge. ÇEVTAŞ FAMILY has always been faithful to its principles, and combined both the science of engineering and the modern understanding of management. The future of our company relies on the transparency in our strategies and the choice of our strategies, principles and targets are made freely by people, including myself.

As the president, I completely trust my team on this matter. I believe with all my heart that we will carry on thanks to our sense of self-sacrifice and belief. We will keep our prestige and continue growing that way in our country as well as abroad.

The real philosophy in business life is pragmatism. This philosophy needs to expose a large vision, a right foresight, capabilities of application and making decision. In this respect; the managers of my team have been given the responsibilities to carry on and to determine strategies in order to grow up in our country as well as abroad.

In addition, due to fast growing trends of technologies and in order to stay in the race with other global actors, our company has decided to dedicate a main part of its activities to Research and Development. We give importance to the use of high Technologies which is one of our main target.

In parallel, our company is targeting a constant growing in benefits and annual budgets. Together with understandings above, our company must expose all experiences to increase its benefits and annual budgets.

Each person in our company is focusing on the same goal while exerting their own activities. The company is carried with never fading conscious of prestige.

Our country is favourable to make a real investment and we benefit from high-quality of human resources. The strategical value of our country is also very important in the eyes of the global economy. We have the capacity to generate a production which meets the global standarts and quality requirements. We must keep in mind that international collaboration is very advantageous and also it can bring a better quality, and confidence. We orient our work towards this dynamic and improve our performance every day more.

Our country keeps going on the road to the Europian Union. It will be a long way paved with difficulties. However, the Government must continue into that direction without forgeting that our country has a strategical value. All the resources and experiences of Turkey have to be included into the consultation process. No matter if the process of integration remains unsuccessfull, the country has to keep its prestige politically complete and special. Turkey must keep on increasing the quality of its standarts, technologies, human resources and life; at the same time, Turkey must increase its global competitiveness. If we proceed into that direction, we will succeed and the EU integration will be finally realised with both the EU and our approval.

This trend towards the EU bring developments and great invesments in our country, and especially in the sector of environmental protection. Our company is specializing in this sector. We have been spending great efforts to be a pioneer in that field in which the main part of our investments is dedicated. So far, the high performance of our company has been observed by both public and private institutions. We intend to improve this performance even more as an expert company.

Our personal strategy has been showing that our works reach high standart, always concentrating in not wasting unecessarily resources of the country thanks to our experience, expertise and our understanding of ‘’the consciousness of country responsibility’’. We are confident in providing economic plants of good quality to our country, thanks to our efforts.

I wish a healthy, successfull and happy future to ÇEVTAŞ FAMILY; as well as peace, presence and comfort to our country and the world; each actor must fulfill the economical and social responsibilities with the conscious of the protection of the global environment.

Yours respectfully,