Research & Development

In parallel to the demands and developments in the world, cooperating with academicians continuously, ÇEVTAŞ carries the responsibility and understanding of developing high technologies and introducing them to the country and international area high in quality, economically and competitively.

The R-D references we have developed and applied are:

1. A-B Biological wastewater treatment process that works succesfully under maximum and minimum inflow, parameters and variable regimes,

2. WWN&FGP-REACTOR which operates the wastewater neutralization with stack gas and cleaning of stack gas works together in textile sector which contains high alkalinity parameters in wastewater,

3. Biological reactor at 12,00-20,00 m with A-B process and HIDRO-AERATOR which we have developed in private for the usage in these reactors,

4. Inverted “AIRLIFT” pumps which are used fort he transfer of top liqueur of stabilization,

5. While the pools are full of water, simple and economical taking upwards and placing aerating difuser bunches with Archimedes’ princible which is completely different from the classical Europian firms’ system,

6. Çevtaş designs which are functional in denit/nitrification tanks and easily manufactured,

7. Developing of all mechanical equipments used in treatment plants according to the world norm and standards,

8. Odor removal with ozone, after A-B biological process in textile and similar sectors,
R-D and High Technology works that we are working on presently:

1. Pilot plant works of bioreactor design with submerged membrane technology,

2. Design works about manufacturing of MF&UF-Membrane in Turkey,

3. Bio-reactor design with IFAS technology,

4. Disinfection and flocculation works with “Ultra-sound” technology,

5. Breaking of anaerobic bacteria cell wall with “Ultra-sound” technology, minimizing “digester” sizes and increasing biogas production works,

6. Design and bio-media research studies about odor removal with bio-filter,

7. Biological color removal with our modified Ax-B,

8. Design and software works on SBR-C technology which is advanced SBR process for phosphor removal and parameter controlled Denit/Nitrification.