Mission, Vision & Principles


The vision of ÇEVTAŞ; is to put these developed and high technologies to the service of the humanity with a superior responsibility and quality understanding that Çevtaş have been producing modern, economical and high technologies in the Environmential Protection and Energy areas; to be a pioneer and reliable company in Turkey as well as abroad.


The mission of ÇEVTAŞ is also to maintain the obtained prestige as an expert and model company, to continue working and offering services with principle understanding and high quality consciousness, in the framework of the vision that we exposed, in Turkey and in the international area.


1- To respect a worship that is favourable to our understanding, to offer our services to the humanity in the field of environmental protection and renewable energy.

2- To work in total respect vis-a-vis the humanity and the environment.

3- Never forget that we represent at the same time our own personality, our company and our country in the projects that we have completed.

4- To encourage the team spirit in our company with a philosophy of solidarity and of family; In other terms, to work with the conscious of ÇEVTAŞ FAMILY.

5- To maintain our self-confidence while keeping in mind that we are in a continuous learning process, developing and renewing constantly the organisation; to contribute to it maximum measurement.

6- To be pretentious and competitive in the projects that we will represent; to be determined and ambitious.

7- To work with the conscious of quality and responsibility; without being afraid of making mistakes, as long as lessons are taken accordingly; be careful to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

8- To increase the standart of living of each person within Çevtaş Family in parallel with the growth of the company. To feel the success and unsuccess all together.

9- To never forget that we are into the atmosphere of a global economy, quality and competition; to produce in conformity with the quality and standarts of the world.

10- To keep the prestige of our company even when we fail.