Environmental Technologies

ÇEVTAŞ is the expert company in the area of Environmental Technology. The Environmental Technology is a business field which includes all the types of engineering and obligatory executed by a private and expert team. We undertake THE CONSTRUCTOR SERVICES on Turn-Key basis with success in our country and globally, with our Department of Environmental Technology, created with our expert friends.

In the framework of the Environment Technologies, we do the followings:

-Sea Outfall Plants
-Urban Wastewater Treatment Plants
-Drinking Water Treatment Plants
-Process water Treatment Plants
-Flugas Purification Plants
-Pumping Stations
-Solid Waste Eliminating Plants
-Compost Plants
-Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants
-Desalinisation plants

In the framework of construction of Anaerobic Digester-Biogas and Energy Recycling Plants:

-Process Design
-Electro-Mechanical Manufacturing & Supplying
-Erection, Start up and Commissioning

We are expanding our archieve and quality for developing new technologies in cooperation with specialist firms and academicians continuously.