About Us


Urban and industrial development and modernization all over the world has brought two main problems. These are ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION and ENERGY. This conflict must be the main target of the RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT studies today and in the future. When it comes to developing environmental technologies, ÇEVTAŞ applies the highest technology and pays special attention to business economy, without ignoring energy economy.

On the other hand, waste sludge problem is one of the most important aspects of the wastewater treatment plants. This problem should be solved in the most efficient and useful way during process design. In accordance with the understanding outlined above, ÇEVTAŞ has been developing its technology and producing modern and high technologies.

After its establishment in 1985, the understanding and the principles that ÇEVTAŞ accepted has made ÇEVTAŞ a pioneer and reliable company.

Today, ÇEVTAŞ continues its studies in national and international scale and represents the understanding of high standard, modern technology, service, responsibility and quality.

Main objective of ÇEVTAŞ is to improve environmental protection technologies using its own “know-how” and “basic design”, while carrying on the prestige as a SPECIALIST COMPANY.

Our company provides service for municipalities of cities and towns, industrial organized zones, buildings and especially industrial establishments on TURNKEY BASIS.

Our main working subjects under the title of “Environment Technologies” are; Urban Wastewater Treatment Plants, Drinking Water Treatment Plants, Process Water Treatment Plants, Swimming Pools, Industrıal Wastewater Treatment Plants, Flugas Purification Plants, Pumping Statıons, Sea Outfall Plants, Solid Waste Eliminating Plants, Compost Plants, Anaerobic Digester-Biogas and Renewable Energy Plants.

As a firm, we are quite determined to continue on our activities in the fields of alternative/renewable energy and Eco-building and construction works.
ÇEVTAŞ has been carrying on process, design, application projects, manufacturing of constructional and electro-mechanical equipments, erection, construction and operation with turn-key basis.

The firm expands its archieve and quality to develop new technologies in cooperation with specialist firms and academicians.

ÇEVTAŞ also has an opportunity to provide financial advantages from international financial institutions to the service of our country.